Yep. I learned about them when our company had to do work out in Kansas. The project manager included a bit about them in the cultural context section of the report, and the client had an absolute fit. He was nervous about anything holding up approval for the project and made our PM take it out, never mind that it'd… » 12/15/14 1:27pm 12/15/14 1:27pm

I need this on a continual loop through the holidays for morale. Why does this time of year bring out the monster/asshole/idiot in so many people? It should be all boughs of holly, pretty lights, good cheer (alcohol) and yummy food. This stuff isn't hard, why do people go to such lengths to make it unhappy? Genuine… » 12/11/14 3:35pm 12/11/14 3:35pm

"I don't know exactly what did happen, but I know that's not what happened." A direct contradiction, mid-sentence, said with a no doubt straight face and complete sincerity. This side of the debate can't even maintain logical sequence or coherence. Jesus, our country is fucked. » 12/03/14 10:29am 12/03/14 10:29am

I'm thankful for my health and the good health of my family and my job (very grateful to be decently employed). This stands for every year I enjoy these things. This year, I am especially thankful for all of the fantastic books I've read; seems like a new and amazing book was published every week. For anyone looking… » 11/27/14 9:13am 11/27/14 9:13am

I have a very, very specific fear that when I go to turn on the back porch light when it gets dark that I'll turn it on and someone will be standing right at the door, looking in. If it ever really happens I'll probably drop dead of shock, Mulholland Drive style. » 11/01/14 9:28am 11/01/14 9:28am

Couldn't happen to a nicer state. Cut funding, whittle away at all public health infrastructure, turn public education into a anachronistic joke, continually vote idiots into office, blah blah. Wrap yourself in an American flag and put a bible in front of your face, that'll protect you. Here in Atlanta, we took in TWO… » 10/15/14 6:14am 10/15/14 6:14am